Orogenesis, 2002

Orogeny is a branch of physical geography that studies the natural formation of relief features on the Earth’s crust, particularly the appartition of mountains and valleys. In this project the obvious dislocation of the real site corresponds to another dislocation that is more complex: that of the codes of representation. These landscapes are generated by a simulation program that translates two-dimensional “maps”, or coded abstractions, once given cartographic information (level cures, topographic information, altimetric values, etc.).

Fontcuberta uses image treatment programs, in order to interpret information from paintings, producing a “realistic” landscape that corresponds entirely to art and which has no reference in real geography.

These landscapes are a product of the conversations between the composition of photographic language and methods for developing, but it is important to note that these works are not photographs. No camera or lens intervened in this process. Film is not present in any of its forms, nor negatives or transparencies.