Vandrar till Månen

is an interstellar journey in Stockholm on the full moon day of May.


Date: 29/5 Place Stockholm
Planet Location: Distance
SUN Globen Ericsson
MERCURY Stockholm Stadsmuseet 3km
VENUS Vetenskapens Hus 7.5km
EARTH&MOON Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet 10km


The walk will be 5 hours long.
After reaching the Moon at Naturhistoriska Museet, we will do a grill in the forest.

If you are interested to be part of,
write an email to:
info [at]

About the project

May 29th.

I arrived in Stockholm in September 2013. I was lost. I understood that I had to get to know my new home. To feel part of it. And I started to walk. Since then, I have wandered around the city almost everyday. On slow pace, I have revealed a realm hidden in the streets, parks, lakes, subway, stores.... It is an urban fabric woven by the emotions and experiences of the people that move in. At recent, I have witnessed how this fabric is increasingly reflecting the Stockholm’s geography: isolated - social and economical - centers from which city inhabitants look at each other with suspicious and mistrust.

Against this background and inspired in resilient strategies - that approach to build common places by re-using existing materials and giving them new meanings -, I propose to weave a new emotional fabric by re-interpreting the urbanscape and detonating positive feelings among its inhabitants. I consider that if we citizens want to ensure a social sustainability in our ‘home’, we must also to see beyond the physical place and bringing back collective imaginaries, wherein dreams and hope live in.

By re-drawing the landmarks of the Swedish Solar System like a Dromos -an ancestral ceremonial passageway, Vandrar till Månen is participatory city-walk that goes from Globen -the Sun- to Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet, wherein the Moon is located. From an industrial area to a natural park. Walking on a 10 km straight-line that crosses through the city, I want to facilitate a ritual for celebrating the full moon of May. Rituals bring people and thoughts together and transform them into participants and sympathies. Framed into an extraordinary situation by combining astrology, mythology and memory, participants can be placed in a state of mind that transcends the daily differences of their social life, such, status, education, employment, or political affiliations. Walking to the Moon -in Swedish- becomes an allegorical scenario where Stockholm inhabitants are invited to walk, joy, wish, dream, talk, share, play, dance, eat, sing, laugh, love… together.

Some believe that Art is a way to understand the world. For me, Art is a way to find a place in the world. Despite the current turbulent we are living, I believe that poetic gestures can create conviviality and inclusive society in order to contribute to build a suitable-living commonplace. Because we take care of what we love. Because we love what we feel a sentimental connection.

About the artist.

I see the map as a writer who confronts the empty page.
I cross lines on the map as a painter who dabs brush strokes on the canvas.
I go through the space with sculptor perspective.
Following the steps of our ancestors,
I invite to you to walk together for exploring our place in the world.

JUANMA GONZÁLEZ is a Spanish artist currently working and living in Stockholm. He graduated at Kungliga Konsthögskolan in Stockholm 2016. His artist research is focussed on old Nordic sacred traces and and the creation of new rites and social communities. Issues that he has explored in postgraduate courses in KKH Architecture department - Researc_Lab 2016/17 - and Konstfack - Sites and Situations 2017/18.
Recent exhibitions and projects include: “Apostlahästar på Gotland" (2017), "A Pilgrim’s Way on Gotland" (2016), “Öns Röst” at Frösö kyrka (2016) and “Vi är här “(2015) Galleri Mejan, Stockholm.

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