S:t Jacobsleden

A secular pilgrimage in Stockholm

S:t Jacobsleden is a 13km pilgrimage route by foot from Bromma kyrka to S:t Jacobs kyrka in Stockholm.

Date: Saturday, May 27th
Departure time from Bromma kyrka: 11.00
Bring your food and drinks.

From the western part of Stockholm, S:t Jacobsleden goes along by using Christian temples as path-markers. The route will start on Bromma Kyrka. Inside of the church, we could to see the Medieval paintings made by Albertus Pictor. Going East, we will pass by the modern temple of S:t Ansgars kyrka. For the lunch, we will stop in Rålambshovsparken. We will continue on the route along the edge of Riddarfjärden. Leaving the City Hall behind, we will cross the bridge to reach Gamla Stan. There, we will walk close by Riddarholmskyrkan, Tyrska Kyrka and Stora Kyrka. In Kungsträdgården, we will visit Sankta Eugenia Katolska Kyrka. A few meters, we will reach the end of the route, S:t Jacobs Kyrka.

The Pilgrim route

step marker km
00 Bromma Kyrka
01 S:t Ansgars Kyrka 5,3
02 Riddarholmskyrkan 11,6
03 Tyrska Kyrka 12,2
04 Stora Kyrka 12,4
05 S:ta Eugenia Kyrka 13,1
05 S:t Jacobs Kyrka 13,3

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On practice-based research, S:t Jacobsleden aims to engage a diverse group of people on a created-for 'secular' pilgrimage. Attending to the modern secularization of old Western paths as Camino de Santiago or S:t Olavslden. Pilgrimage is an ancestral ritual form of travel where the journey is taken under a purpose to reach a specific place. Everyone can make a pilgrimage including those who are not religiously motivated.

Under the analogy of pilgrim -from the Latin peregrinus, which means foreigner, wanderer, traveller and Stranger-, participants will walk together along a journey as explorational framework within relational exchanges can be done. A path is designed for The walking lovers, sport enthusiasts, fans of tranquility, religious people, culture and history researchers, convulsive tourists, spiritual seekers, ecologists, poets, religious, philosophers, dreamers, wizards, strollers, journalists, musicians, militaries, historians, architects mathematicians and artists...

You are welcome.


For more info:

S:t Jacobsleden is an walk-artist project created for
the Spring show of R-Lab: Architecture, Cities, Utopias
at Mindepartament, Kungl. Konsthögskolan.

Research Website: Walking in the gap

S:t Jacobsleden is a project made by Juanma González