Fase 0 took place from 2 to 10 May 2020.

Confinement restrictions were partially lifted after 48 days of near-total lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic in Spain.

Walks and other physical exercise were allowed from 6am to 10am and from 8pm to 11pm.
Pedestrians aged between 14 and 70 could take a walk within a one-kilometer radius of their homes.

Maintaining social distancing.
Stopping strictly for the time necessary.
Avoiding crowded areas.
Drifting body inside of limits.
Walking for keeping the mind free.

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I use walking as an artist practice. During Fase 0, my walks were limited in time and space. For the first time I have planned the routes so as not to meet people. I have walked with fear; fear of infecting myself and thus infecting my family, fear of feeling vulnerable to a threat that I cannot control, fear of losing my daily routines, fear of my neighbors.

Walk after walk, my body was recovering its physical activity while my mind began to wander through places beyond the restricted limits. The pandemic has brought an unexplored new meaning to my work: I have discovered walking as a device to confront and adapt to an adverse situation. This is, in a way, a resilient act.

I spent Fase 0 in Águilas, a municipality situated in the province of Murcia, Spain. I have documented my walks to leave a trace of a time lived. With this gesture, I want to convey the emotional effects of space and moment have had on me.

Juanma González

02/05 07:43 - 09:52 8.85 km
03/05 06:48 - 08:43 8.7 km
04/05 07:15 - 08:50 7 km
05/05 06:49 - 08:54 9.51 km
06/05 07:35 - 08:41 5.07 km
07/05 06:33 - 08:29 8.5 km
08/05 07:51 - 09:53 9.14 km
09/05 07:21 - 08:41 5.85 km
10/05 07:37 - 09:22 8.49 km