“A Stonehenge for us”

Mark Rothko

Efter Mörker Ljus
is a light intervention site-specific project in Brunkebergstunneln, Stockholm

The project was done at 21.12.2014,
winter solstice.

To celebrate the light comes back.
To celebrate the cycle of life.
To celebrate the human knowledge.

As our ancestors did.

To create a sacred place in the center of the city.
Modern religions are based in Earth cycles.
And this knowlegde make us equal,
Humans being living in a tiny planet,
sharing its resources.

The return of the light.

Efter Mörker Ljus is a site-specific art work in Brunkebergstunneln, Stockholm [map]. This 19th century tunnel is located in the center of the city and it is only for pedestrians. The project is a lightning intervention, tunnel lights turn off and an installed light one of the entrance. The audiencie enter in the tunnel for the opposite entrance. Everything is dark they walk towards and out through the light.

The project is on 21st December, the day of winter solstice. It is an astronomical event that occurs one each year as the Sun reaches its lowest point relative to the celestial equator on the celestial sphere. A phenomena occurs in the shortest day of the year. Winter solstice marks the beginning of longer days.

It's the back of the light. And this project is a celebration of it. A new year. The Cycle of Life continues. Human being is part of this cycle. Efter Mörker Ljus is a sacred space as a symbol of eternity, of first and last, and midst, and without end. As our ancestors did, creating spaces to respect, to celebrate and to exalt the Earth’s Cycle.

We are living in an era of unparalleled impoverishment and depreciation of the human soul.Characteristics of the modern human condition: anxiety, emptiness, loneliness and meaninglessness. The finitude of mundane existence cannot satisfy the human heart completely. There exists a human need for meaning in life. We can not understand what exists beyond us. The sacred is alive in us because we continue to ask the same questions that our predecessors: Why am i here? What am i? Where are we going? How will i be? Is there something more? Efter Mörker Ljus is a representation of a turning point happens in the most of extremely dark winter. A site where we could meet with the visible and invisible, between the human and the spiritual, to enjoy about indescribable and unspeakable. The Sublime of our nature.

And Human Being has to come back to the origin. We are all equal without distinction of race or belief. Modern religions are based in Earth cycles. And this knowlegde make us equal, Humans being living in a tiny planet, sharing its resources.

This project talks about the liturgical cycles. Everything returns: The light, the life, the hope... Keeping in our minds that there is not light without darkness.

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This project is supported by
Sigrid Sandström, KKH Art Professor
Eberhard Höll, KKH Project Professor.
Peter Lang, Professor, KKH department of Architecture.
Anders Hedljund, Traffikontoret.
Roland Erik Kolmodin, Traffikontoret.

Lighting Design support by Rodrigo Muro MSc Lighting Design Lecturer at KTH Ljuslaboratoriet,

Jacob Holmberg
Mattias Eliasson
Jonas Roos
Liva Isakson Lundin
Ehab Aljaby

Photo and video:
Mariana Kasses

Thanks to
Manolo, Maricarmen, Esther,
Anne Joki Jakobsson
and everyone made this project come true.

Kunglinga Konsthölgskolan
Kunglinga Tekniska hölgskolan
Trafikkontoret Stockholm Stad